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This is the authentic taekwondo!

I chose Jeong's Taekwondo Academy after watching many of my nephews classes and belt tests. I was really impressed. I would recommend this Academy 100%.

-Jen Bernard Wood

It's a great place to train, I've learned so much. Master Jeong teaches while making sure you don't get hurt. That is extremely important, and the only place I've actually seen such dedication to the student.

-Luis Montemayor

I have been a member of Jeong's Taekwondo academy for over 6 years.  I walked in the door on the day of the grand opening and signed up for a free trial lesson, and my life has changed for the better ever since.  Tae kwon do is a very healthy activity and will not only improve ones physical well being but is also great for  ones mental and emotional state, it is truly good for mind body and soul.  Practicing tae kwon do makes the body strong, the mind sharper and more focused, and the feeling of accomplishment is good for the soul.  I have had many stressful experiences before and since joining and I can honestly say Jeong's Taekwondo saved my life.  The consistency of coming to practice at the dojang has been a great way of keeping myself as healthy as possible through all of life's challenges, both mental and physical.  Master Jeong provides a fun learning environment for members of all ages, while taking a serious approach to the teachings of the traditional martial art of tae kwon do.  Our dojang has members from ages 4 years old to 71 years young, and we all joined for different reasons, discipline for kids, self confidence for teens, weight loss for adults and many other, but one thing we all have in common is the feeling of accomplishment you achieve your own goals.  I recommend adults and children of all ages and levels of fitness try tae kwon do, if I can do it, you can do it.

-Mya-ko Pritchard (Miss Mya)

Four years ago I enrolled my daughter into Tae Kwon Do, to help her gain self confidence but Master Jeong gave her more than that, she is now 8 and she is a strong, respectful, obedient and self confident girl, that loves physical activity, loves new challenges and discipline. It was not a surprise when my second daughter was asked what she wanted for her 4rd birthday present she said to be enroll in Tae Kwon Do like her sister. When you enroll your kids or yourself you become part of a really nice community or family, Master Jeong and his team are really friendly, warm and kind. I cannot really stress enough how much my family loves Master Jeong and the Jeong Academy. The values he teaches and follows are very important to the all around development of the most important people in my life, my girls.

-Claudia Schwarz mother of Vanessa and Rebecca

We have been taking our son to Master Jeong's since August 2009, our son started taekwondo when he was three years old and is now five. We are very pleased with the relationship we share with Master Jeong. We have found him to be friendly and open over the past  two years. His attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs and answer our questions has exceeded our expectations. His patience and kindness as well as knowledge while working directly with our son is second to none. 

-Mr. and Mrs. Davey